Child Care Proceedings

Helping your family with
child care proceedings

At Rothery Inesons Solicitors in Cleckheaton, our team of specialist solicitors are here to assist parents and children through all aspects of child care proceedings.
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Getting the best results for your family’s future

As a parent your number one priority should always be the welfare of your children. In certain circumstances, Social Services may take your child in to care or threaten to do so. In these situations it is important that you get expert legal advice to ensure that the best outcome is reached for all parties involved. The team at Rothery Inesons Solicitors are on hand to provide you and your children with expert legal advice and representation throughout the entire child care proceedings. We focus on achieving the best possible results for your children’s future.

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Supporting you and your family

At Rothery Inesons Solicitors we understand that child care proceedings and child welfare is a very delicate matter. This is why we approach each case with the utmost sensitivity and care. Everything that you discuss with us is done so in complete confidentiality and our team will give clear explanations in a language that everyone can understand. You can ask us for advice and support throughout the process, as our team are there for you when you need it most. Book your free initial consultation by getting in touch with our office in Cleckheaton today.

How can we help with child care proceedings?

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Are Social Services threatening
to take your child in to care?

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