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With modern day life, it is easy to be involved in a dispute with another party. If the dispute results in legal action, this is known as civil litigation. A dispute can take many different forms and can be between private parties or organisations. An example of a private dispute is when a tenant feels that their landlord has broken the rental agreement. With organisations, this could be when a supplier hasn’t delivered on the agreed order which in turn has impacted your business.

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For a quick and efficient civil litigation service from friendly and approachable solicitors, you should contact Rothery Inesons Solicitors today. All of our team are fully qualified and highly experienced in handling all types of civil litigation cases. From simply advice and support to representation in a court of law, we have built a fantastic reputation for our exceptional service. Book your free initial consultation by getting in touch with us today.

What types of civil litigation do we deal with?

landlord and tenant disputes
Landlord and tenant disputes
intellectual property
Intellectual property
employee and employer disputes
Employer and employee disputes
boundary disputes
Boundary disputes
contract disputes
Contract disputes
product liability
Products liability
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