Insolvency & Bankruptcy

Insolvency and bankruptcy
advice in West Yorkshire

When your business is in financial difficulty, the experienced team at Rothery Inesons Solicitors can provide you with specialist legal advice on insolvency and bankruptcy. 
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Getting help with your business finances

Unfortunately, it is very common for businesses to be affected by debt problems. There are many factors that can cause debt problems and some of these are completely out of your control. For example, a supplier not delivering an order on time will have a direct impact on your business as you cannot then deliver your products on time. When your business suffers with financial difficulties it can be very easy for the situation to spiral out of control. In the worst-case scenarios financial difficulty can lead to you having to file for bankruptcy. Professional legal support from a qualified solicitor will help your business through the most difficult of times and also in some cases can influence the outcome.

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When it comes to your business and finances, Rothery Inesons Solicitors can provide support and guidance to resolve even the most difficult of situations. Our team are highly diverse and have huge amounts of experience dealing with businesses from the commercial, industrial and retail sectors from across West Yorkshire. We provide sensitive and confidential support for bankruptcy and insolvency or can assist with debt management or dealing with creditors. Our services are designed to offer quick and efficient results, placing your business at the centre of everything that we do. To find out more information or to book a free initial consultation, contact our offices in Cleckheaton today. 

Our legal team can assist your business with:

bankruptcy and insolvency
Bankruptcy and insolvency
liquidation and administration
Liquidation and administration
debt management
Debt management
individual voluntary arrangements
Individual voluntary arrangements (IVA)
dealing with creditors
Dealing with creditors
challenging a disputed debt
Challenging a disputed debt
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Is your business facing bankruptcy?

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